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Protect Your WordPress Website With Our Website Security Services

In 2018, WordPress accounted for 90% of all CMS sites that were hacked. Out of the box, WordPress is not as secure you might think. Without proper security & protection, WordPress is very vulnerable to attacks. Is your WordPress website secure? Our WordPress experts can secure your website and monitor it daily to ensure it's safety around the clock.

Emergency Hack Recovery Services —

Is your website down due to a security attack? Request a consultation, or give us a call! Our experts will get your site up running in no time.

Learn more about our Emergency WordPress Recovery Service

Monthly Security Plan — $19.99 / Month

With our monthly service plan, you simply pay one low price every month, and we will ensure that your website is always protected. Providing peace of mind for you and your users.

Our WordPress Security Service Includes:

Software Updates

Outdated WordPress versions are often very vulnerable to attacks. We will automatically update your WordPress website when new versions become available to ensure the safety and performance of your website.

Plugin & Theme Updating & Vulnerability Scans

We'll check that your WordPress themes and plugins are always updated to their most secure version. We will remove and replace anything that may lead to an attack.

Firewall Installation

Our firewall will help protect against any malicious attacks, spam login attempts, or SQL injections.

Malware Scans

We scan your website daily to check for malware, or any other signs of an attack on your website. We will remove any malicious files that are found.

Daily Website Monitoring

Under our monthly service plan we'll monitor your website daily to make sure that your data, and your users are always as secure as possible.

Password Security

Using proper password security is an important step in securing the back-end of your website. We'll help implement secure password management on your website.

Get Started With WordPress Website Security

We aim to make this process as easy for you as possible. Pay one low price every month, and sit back and watch the results! Not sure what services you need for your website? Request a free website consultation today!

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